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Black and red text on buff ground with double pin border.

A man's head and arm are seen barely above black water. The man looks and points toward the viewer.

The hand of a drowning man reaches out from the water toward a floating sailor's cap.

The hand of a dead soldier lies palm up next to barbed wire and a rifle butt.

Head of dog, with sad-looking face, on U.S. Navy uniform, draped over back of chair, and banner with gold star in background, created by Yeagley for the U.S. Government Printing Office, 1944 

Illustration of a coiled, green-eyed rattlesnake with blood dripping from its mouth and fangs, ready to strike.



Color poster with blue background. Uncle Sam holds his index finger to his lips, indicating silence.

Picture of a young sailor, presumably "shipping out". The poster appeals to those not in the armed services to do their part by buying bonds.

War Bond.jpg
Illustration of a war bond, taken from promotional materials for the war-time film, Mr. and Mrs. America.

Deliver us from evil.jpg
Black & white photo of the head and shoulders of a sad-looking young girl surrounded by smoke or clouds. The photo is centered on a white swastika. Text on poster is in white and blue.

War Bonds Children.jpeg
Illustration of Nazi swastika motif over three anxious children playing in grass with military-themed toys, including airplane, flag, and hat made of newspaper.

A young woman (presumably a widowed mother) holds a smiling infant. A young blond girl embraces the woman while smiling at the baby. The woman has dark hair, is wearing dark clothing, and has a somber facial expression.




Warning! _ our homes are in danger now! _ our job _ keep 'em firing.jpg
A cartoon of Yamamoto and Hitler creeping over the globe with weapons in hand.

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